About Me

Basically, for me , it’s all about the colour.

From an early age colour peaked my attention, the brighter the better. I noticed how much happier I was to be painting in colours with paint and pastels as opposed to in pencil. 

I get all my inspiration from the colour I see all  around me, It can be in nature or in man-made objects. Either way, if its colourful , it just grabs my attention,  I see colour before I see anything else. I am immediately drawn to it and it fills me with joy. I see a colour combination I love and It makes want to recreate it .

My vision is to create abstract art,  drawing inspiration from my life experience that inspires joy in the viewer and brings life to contemporary interior or family spaces. I have developed a keen interest in how colour can play an important role in our daily lives. My mission is to spread the joy of colour where I can.

With regard to my process, I start by exploring patterns, colour and composition, elements of what I learned in my textile design degree. I love experimenting with new materials and using a colour on colour approach, exploring colour, shape, form and pattern. Interspersing some characters, or with just simple geometrics and line drawing, then working over it all with hand drawn pattern and elemental brush strokes.

To date I have had 3 solo exhibitions as well as exhibiting at Gifted, Showcase and House at the RDS. I have completed many projects including student collaborations in various schools around Dublin . I also trade regularly at Bushy Park market when it’s in season ( MARCH- OCTOBER  )


My next exhibition ‘Wildflowers’ is due to take place at Ballyroan Library, Rathfarnham,  September 2020.


The inspiration for my new collection has come from the spontaneity of colour in nature, I love seeing colour explode in a field of green and how different lines and shapes appear beside each other, I want to try to capture the energy of that. I am also experimenting with different ways of laying down layers of intense colour sometimes working in reverse using negative space drawing . This leads to elements of surprise with the colour in the piece.


I have Original Paintings and Limited Edition prints , as well as a few other colour splashes for your home, something to suit every budget. Commissions welcome , get in touch to discuss a personalised piece of original Artwork .



Emma graduated in Textile Design in 1997 from NCAD, Dublin. She has gradually moved into the role of full time artist over the past 12 years .


Present Now


She lives in Knocklyon with her husband and 2 Kids.

Present Now