About Emma Higgins

Basically, for me , it’s all about the colour.
From an early age colour peaked my attention, the brighter the better. I noticed how much happier I was to be painting in colours with paint and pastels as opposed to in pencil.


I get all my inspiration from the colour I see all around me, It can be in nature or in man-made objects. Either way, if its colourful , it just grabs my attention, I see colour before I see anything else. I am immediately drawn to it and it fills me with joy. I see a colour combination I love and It makes want to recreate it .

My vision is to create abstract art, drawing inspiration from my life experience that inspires joy in the viewer and brings life to contemporary interior or family spaces. I have developed a keen interest in how colour can play an important role in our daily lives. My mission is to spread the joy of colour where I can.

Live Life In Colour !

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Colourful, Bold and bursting with Joy, Original Acrylic Paintings on canvas 

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Limited Edition prints are a budget friendly option to splashing your home with that colour you’ve been thinking of. 

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Art Cards in Multipacks and Pimp your sofa with Limited edition Art Cushions .

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New work and bushy park update !.

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Hi everyone ! I’ve just uploaded all my new ‘Joyscapes’ to my website ! Head over for a browse ! Here’s #scatteredshowers – thinking about prints of this one ? Happy Thursday to you ! #newwork #feedbackwelcome #scatteredshowers #irishhomes #colourfulhomeinteriors #joyscapes #irishartist

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Go check out my stories for some super bargains this weekend – I’m clearing the way for lots of new products ! And a new painting drop next week ( so excited – almost 20 new pieces) prints reduced by 40% !!!!

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Find myself longing for the beach today – might have to swing by one at the weekend ! Here’s my ‘Greenway ‘ piece – I’m ordering a few larger print versions so pop me a DM if you want one – available in a number of sizes ( 3 sizes already on the website ! ) the original will be realised on 14th October with a new collection of landscapes and some other pieces ! So excited to show it off ! I’ll be at the @bushyparkmarket tomorrow from 10-4 – hopefully the rain will clear early ! #greenway #waterfordgreenway #irishlandscapes #happylandscapes #colourfulhome

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Is it done yet ? I never know but I’m drawing a line under this one for now – it will be scanned and then realised with my new collection on October 14th ! Excited to share a bunch of new work with you then, here’s a section of ‘Serendipity’ it’s a very ‘rainbowey ‘ piece 🙂 so might bring a smile to your face #joyfulart #serendipity #newwork- happy to be painting today and not at the park, lots of work to be done 🙂

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So excited to launch some new paintings very soon , one of them being my ‘Greenway’ painting – which is a big one, 1100×800 framed – and a bunch of other landscapes ! They will be launched on October 14th ! If you are on my mailing list there will be a newsletter soon with details and a ‘save the date ‘ – pictured is a medium framed version of Greenway – now available online ! #waterfordgreenway #greenway #wildatlanticway

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Was so lovely to be at 2 markets last weekend ! I’ll be @bushyparkmarket again this sat ! I have turned this lovely design ( the Flutter ) into a table runner ! They will be available in a few weeks and there will be 2 other designs also ! So exciting ! Hope you’re all having a good ‘hump day’. #hometextile #irishhometextiles #happyhome

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I’ll be at St.Catherine’s Park urban market tomorrow from 11-5 – this will be my 1st time this year ! Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂 –
I have lots of new prints and textiles to show you ❤️ #sundaymarkets #stcatherinesparkurbanmarket #newwork #backtomarket – I’ll also have this big painting with me 🙂 #midsummersnight

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Work in progress today 😉 have been chipping away at this one for a few days now having painted the background a few weeks ago I was dying to get stuck in ! So excited to finish it ! #abstractfloral #wildflowerscollection #wip #workinprogress

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Brand new prints launched today on my website LINK IN BIO 🙂 there are 2 landscapes and one floral ! The originals are on hold for a few weeks but watch this space ! #beachscene #happylandscape #holidays #beachmemories #bluesky

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New prints launching on my website tomorrow ! So excited to share them with you – I’m working away on a bunch of originals too ! Loving the peace at home #backtoschool #backtowork #newwork #originalart

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Some of the lovely florals completed this year ✔️ most of which are available to purchase as a print in my online store – one or 2 of these originals are also still available ! Love seeing them all together #wildflowerscollection #emmahigginswildflowers #printsforyourhome #limitededitionartprints #artyhome #irishhomedesign

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Getting a bunch of prints together for @bushyparkmarket tomorrow ! Come by and say HI 🙋🏻‍♀️ last day to order for collection / delivery in Dublin is tommorow ! #plans #parksaturdays #bushyparkmarket #lovemarkets #saturdayplansmadeeasy

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New Prints are coming soon ! Sign up to my website to get 1st notification and a special offer when they launch in 2 weeks time ! This painting has gone to its forever home this morning – loving the sun this morning ! Hope it lasts the day ☀️☀️☀️☀️#newwork #originalart #newprintlaunch

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Last few days to order before my holidays ! Website will be open but orders won’t ship from 15th -28th August – will be at @bushyparkmarket this Saturday too for anyone who would like to collect from there – so excited as will have 3 New prints with me 😆😆😆😆 They will launch on my website in 2 weeks but a sneak peek at Bushy park will be available 😆 #newwork #saturdaymarket

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Is it raining yet ? I’m back on studio taking care of your orders today – I’ll be back at bushy park on Saturday 14th August – and then my website will be open for orders but nothing will ship until 29/08 – gonna post up a free shipping code valid for the next 10 days ! SHIPAUG21 – get in there ! #lookforlocal #colouryourhome pictured is #comeuptothesun #artforyourhome

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Putting down 1st layers on a new one this morning ! Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend ! I’ve been getting a few painting hours in between relaxing at the beach ! Back home in a few days to take care of all the orders ! Happy Monday 😎😍 #lookforlocal #colourfulmonday #liveincolour #newwork

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I’ve gotten my white frames for these little guys but just had to try it on the pink wall – just because everything looks good with pink ! @littlegreenepaintcompany colour is #leather – I just love it and all my paintings look good on it ! I got a it at @templeoguedecor – hope you’re all having a lovely sunny blue sky kinda friday like me ! 😎😎☀️☀️☀️☀️#newwork #ontheway #emmahigginslandscapes

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Getting my spare room ready for the impending arrival of a VIP whom we haven’t seen for 2 years 😆 we are so excited to have him back to us finally ! I have this piece hung in my spare room and all my guests LOVE waking up to the energy boost it gives ! – this is still one of my alll time favourite pieces ! #yellowbirdandthebluemoon from my #nightsong collection – if you feel like you need to inject joy and colour into your space get in touch now !!!!! #oldiebutgoodie #yellowbird #colourfulartforyourhome #affordableart

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