About Emma Higgins

Basically, for me , it’s all about the colour.
From an early age colour peaked my attention, the brighter the better. I noticed how much happier I was to be painting in colours with paint and pastels as opposed to in pencil.


I get all my inspiration from the colour I see all around me, It can be in nature or in man-made objects. Either way, if its colourful , it just grabs my attention, I see colour before I see anything else. I am immediately drawn to it and it fills me with joy. I see a colour combination I love and It makes want to recreate it .

My vision is to create abstract art, drawing inspiration from my life experience that inspires joy in the viewer and brings life to contemporary interior or family spaces. I have developed a keen interest in how colour can play an important role in our daily lives. My mission is to spread the joy of colour where I can.

Live Life In Colour !

Yellow Bord Emma HIggins LS1

Original Paintings

Colourful, Bold and bursting with Joy, Original Acrylic Paintings on canvas 

Yellow Bird and the Blue Moon

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition prints are a budget friendly option to splashing your home with that colour you’ve been thinking of. 

Wildflowers Collection Cards

Homeware and Cards

Art Cards in Multipacks and Pimp your sofa with Limited edition Art Cushions .

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Another sneaky reveal of new piece- #themidsummersnight from my new collection of work launching from my Facebook page and website this Thursday at 4pm – subscribe on my website for an exclusive discount code off prints for the event ! Raining cats abs dogs out there now ! Hope you’re all inside staying warm 🙂 #newwork #lockdowmexhibition #wildflowers2021

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A little section of one of my new pieces😆 all will be revealed on Thursday at my virtual show ! Join me on Facebook LIVE at 4pm for the tour – there will be a video tour posted afterwards on both my Website and Facebook event page ! Looking forward to sharing all the work with you all ! #lockdownexhibition #floralart #abstarctfloralart #wildflowers2021 #thirdtimelucky #onlineexhibition

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These 4 on the way to the @thecopperhse for scanning and will be released as limited edition prints next week at my wildflowers launch ! So excited to share them finally 🙂 – only a few more days to go ! #watchthisspace #newwork #wildflowers2021 #abstractflorals #irishabstractartist

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Finishing touches like frames/ scanning happening this week – although I’ve never been this close to a show opening and still painting ! Only 1 week to go now until #wildflowers opens ! Very exciting ! Please head over to my website to register for the event and receive all the updates ! (Link in bio) #newwork #afternoontea prints and originals available !

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Sneaky picture of one of my newbies ! All will be revealed next week in my virtual #wildflowers2021 exhibition #newwork #abstractfloralart register on my website to attend ( link in bio )

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This one is getting finished today – last big one from my new collection too – I just LOVE this colour combo and could paint it forever – hope u have a nice day doing whatever you’re doing – I’m thrilled there’s no school this week and got so much work done yesterday ! Only 10 days left til my exhibition – head over to my website ( link in bio) and register to recieve the invitation and details to the event ! #newwork #wildflowers2021 #onlineexhibition #newnormal #floralart #abstractflorals

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Sneaky peek at some of my new pieces ! All will be revealed next week at my #wildflowersexhibition #newwork #abstractflorals #colouroncolour

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Less than 2 weeks to go – register your interest on my website for link to exhibition ! Link in bio ! #wildflowers2021

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Sneak peak at 2 new ones #wildflowers2021 originals and limited edition prints of most of my new paintings will be on February 25th ! #newwork #lockdownexhibition #irishartist #abstractart

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Still time to get your orders in for Valentines – framed limited prints are €50/€80€€120 all available on my website – lots of different florals to choose from – Free Delivery in Dublin ! This one is #theshelter #floralart #valentinesgifts #framedprints #sayitwithaprint

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Getting some prints ready for for Valentines gifts ! Lots of lovely gift ideas here – I can drop anywhere in Dublin for free over next few days – all prints now available framed online ! ❤️ #valentinesgift #theflutter #thewhisper

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Sunday – definitely my favourite day to paint at the moment – no zoom classes / schooling / and no stress 😎 just done my 5km and I’m immersed in this colour 🥰😍 #stilllifepainting #wildflowers2021 #tulips #springflowers

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Anyone in need of a little colour therapy today 😀 can’t wait for the better weather – whenever that will be ! Happy Saturday everyone x #stilllife #newwork #wildflowers2021 #colourfulart #moodlifting

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In situe – #theshelter – prints available now – original available my new exhibition in 3 weeks 🙂 hope you are all having a lovely Friday 🙂 #irishartist #abstractfloral

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#comeuptothesun – from my new collection – prints already available online – original will be released on 25/02 at my online show 🙂 #lockdownexhibition #wildflowers2012 #emergingartist #emmahigginsart #floralart

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Finally I get to tell you about this exhibition – it’s obviously not going to be in person due to current restrictions but I’m thrilled to announce my ONLINE EXHIBITION ‘WILDFLOWERS’ will launch on 25th Feb at 4pm – you can register to attend over on my website 🙂 – I’ll be hosting a Facebook live event to launch the work and all pieces will be available to purchase on my website on 18th February ! So excited to finally share this full collection with you 🙂 #newwork #newcollection #wildflowers2021 #emergingartist #irishartist #emmahigginsartist

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Yeay ! 1st day of spring, did my 5km walk this morning no rain !!! I’m hoping to do 5km every day for 4 weeks ! ( need a new challenge after last month ) I’m also launching my #wildflowers exhibition this month – 18th is the date I have pencilled in and will be in touch with more details soon ! So excited – here’s Cherry Blossoms for the day that’s in it – Original and prints will be released on 18th Feb 🙂 #savethedate – Dm to reserve 🙂 happy 1st day of spring – hoping this month of lockdown goes by super quick ! X 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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#theshelter original painting will be officially released on my website in 2 weeks when I host my #wildflowers exhibition ! So excited to share a bunch of new work with you all – this on has been available as print but the original will be released soon DM for details – it’s 900×600 deep canvas framed in deep white wooden frame – #wildflowersexhibition #wildflowers2021 #lockdownart #floralart

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Loved doing this drawing today – trying to put my own stamp on it a little – was such a pleasure to study this absolutely gorgeous original by @sineadlawlessartist ( see my stories for original ) #creatingdaily #dailydrawingpractice #21portraits21days @karen_h_art_ thanks for this one today 🙂 #irishartist #emergingartist

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