Irish Made Awards 2022

Irish Country Magazine, Irish Made awards 2022

Hi everyone , 

I have been entering these awards for a couple of years now and was so thrilled to have finally made the shortlist in the ‘Home’ category for 2022. 

It’s not often that an artist makes it in there as there are so many craftworkers and designers making fabulous products that fill this category every year ! I have been nominated along with another 15 amazing entrants from Ceramicists to Printmakers. It would be so amazing to win this, or even place as Runner -up,  as the prize would be a huge boost to may small business !  If you love my work and think I am a worthy winner , please head over to Irish Country Magazines Voting page HERE and give me your vote ! Its one vote per  email address ! The link is available on my instagram page and from the homepage here too if you feel like sharing the love  !

Thanks so much in advance for helping me to make this world a more colourful one !