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How to make a Mixed Media Unicorn in 5 Easy Steps !

 I remember watching the movie The Last Unicorn when I was a child and just being so in awe of these magical mystical creatures, I also remember it being the 1st movie to make me cry ! Having already taken on the task of creating Mermaids 

 I decided it was now time to delve into the land of unicorns. You can see my finished print here  

 Step 1- Pinterest

 I first made a pinterest board ( Ijust love pinterest for creating ideas boards) 

Step 2 – Sketchbook Drawings

I then went about a few sketches, I slowly realised that I hated drawing horses ;( 

Yes, artists too have trouble drawing certain things. My usual aversions are animals, faces and people- give me a still life anyday ! Anyway I figured the most important part of the unicorn is the head so I started from there and came up with these little designs. 

Step 3 Paint the background

I then got to work on the background for the collage which I did in acrylic paint on canvas board.

Step 4 Collage

I then dug out my batch of hand coloured papers ( I have a large stash of these in my studio that I’ve created over the past few years that I regularly add and subtract from)

 I cut out all the shapes I needed and used a rainbow colour effect for the mane. I loved cutting all of the hair for the mane but I do admit it is very labour intensive getting them all to fit together.

Finally I added interesting circle shaped papers to the sky to break it up and add to the fantastical element of it !

Step 5 Record the image 

After this process has finished I then take an image of the collage and after a tiny bit of editing, its is ready to print ! 

And voila, here she is finished and just out of the printer ! ‘Luna’ , as Ive named her is now available to purchase in my store in 2 different sizes ! 



Who would you love to give this to ? Do you think you could give it a go ? 

If you are interested in my adults sketchbook class , a great introduction to drawing and mixed media, please get in touch 

Hope you enjoyed watching the progress ! 

Emma :


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