Still Life …… more fun than you would imagine !

Back when I was at school, I used to worry about doing still lifes ! I remember sitting though 2 hr still life exams and the pressure !   I mean how could I be expected to draw whatever was put in front of me ? what if it was material ? or a shoe or something hard to draw ? However, as soon as I knew how to tackle them, they suddenly became really fun to do ! I used to love looking at everyone’s different interpretation of the same thing, and also how things look different from different angles ! I also learned about ‘Artistic license’ and how to use it to balance your composition !

In this class, we looked at a vase of flowers and started by measuring where everything is, how big the vase was in relation to the flowers, where the fabric fold sat behind the vase , where all the pink flowers were in relation to the yellow flowers and so on….

Also , how many flowers can you see, are they hidden/partially visible. It really helped all the kids to create lovely balanced compositions. We worked in Watercolour to keep things simple and I think you will all agree they all did a great job, and while for some it looked to be a ‘BORING’ subject matter , they all really enjoyed it !

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