Summer creativity with your kids !

So, its the middle of summer holidays, how did that happen ?

We have been home for months now because of coronavirus and I feel some intense adjustment will have to happen when we finally get back to school in September .

So we are making plans for FUN stuff to do together every day. I’m including Self care ( exercise and healthy-ish eating ), Creativity (Art and Music ), and board and card games on the daily to do list, and hoping to hit each one of these every day for a month. Kind of like a Summer Instagram challenge . Anyway I’ll let you know how we are getting on ! In the meantime here’s my top recommendations for amazing art and creativity online resources to help with any boredom over the coming months.

  1. check out this site for tons of quick and easy art mini projects that can be done with minimum materials, everything is so easy to follow here that even the artistically challenged will love it ! It has great video tutorials and also includes printable templates. If all you have is paper and crayons/pens you will still find a bunch of stuff to do here !
  2. has tons of amazing videos that are step by step how to draw stuff, they guys are great at babysitting ( just kidding ! ) but in all honesty these guys are really fun to watch and you just follow along with them and they will show you what to do !
  3. is packed full of great ideas on how to encourage creativity in your kids and also has great selection of Art/Craft and Design projects ranging from easy to quite challenging and ! I especially like this article about what you can do with crayons and blank paper rather than buying expensive colouring books
  4. This is a fabulous blog by Cassie Stephens, a primary school teacher from Tennessee. You will see from her page that she is a very colourful character with a love of quirkiness and just has a super fun personality. She explains things very well, and has some great fun projects for all ages and abilities.
  5. The Art Bar blog which has super fun stuff has this amazing article about Beach art , if you’re at the beach feeling inspired to create something there with the kids !
  6. Check out @willsliney An Irish cartoonist who will take your marvel fans through step by step drawing comic characters

Lastly a friend of mine has a few creative drawing books available on Amazon that I think are a really fun idea and a good alternative to the pricey girly themed ‘Top Model’ book series. AND, there’s a super hero one too I usually have these stashed in the toy bag n the car ,so we can have device free activities wherever we go !


Im hoping that all going to plan , my regular art for kids classes will be back as normal . Hope you are all having a wonderful summer wherever you are , stay safe , social distance and try something creative !

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